As the Brexit train cavalcades forward and May’s stubborn course increasingly justifies the lazy comparisons made to Mrs. Thatcher, Remainers such as myself have only ooooone thing to say…


However, of late such cries are muffled, “remoan-ed” through a Union Jack-adorned ball gag. Silencing has been Brexiteer tack since the result, but even newspapers struggled unconvincingly as every graph pointed down and every holidaymaker wondered how many more Euros they’d need for their summer apartment in Lanzarote now.

Taking lessons from former Chancellor Osborne, the Prime Minister’s Brexit army support plan represents a masterstroke in narrative framing. Prominent Tories are quiet, should they face accusations of anti-patriotism… while supporters of not only of Brexit, but May’s approach, are characterised as the only residents with faith in the future of their nation, quite literally against all current odds. The country represents a more emotional and empathic symbol than the Conservatives, and thus May has cast herself as Britannia. Newly armed, the Mail and Express report a world in which favourable decisions remain credited to the ever-reliable Tories and anything more unpopular simply requires more belief in Britain.

The visceral vote has perhaps never been such a visible force in British politics.